Postcard Mockups

Promote your postcard designs easily using professional mockups to share your postcards everywhere! Don’t settle for amateur quality images of your work. 

Download Formats: WEB 72DPI, Print 300 DPI

Placeit's Postcard Mockups

You can easily promote your designs using Placeit’s Postcard Mockups, greeting card mockups, invitation mockups, wedding invitation mockups and more with beautiful templates. All you need to do is upload your designs.

Why Do I Need Postcard Mockups?

Number 1

Save Money on Expensive Photo Shoots

With Placeit’s mockups you get professional photographs to promote your postcard designs without having to set up an expensive and time consuming photo shoot. Quickly get feedback from your fans and plan your next collection!

Number 2

Create Your Entire Shop Without Printing a Single Postcard

You can display your postcards in different scenarios without having to print a single item. Use these professional mockups to list your postcard designs and skip the expensive print-runs until you have enough orders or interest from your fans.

Number 3

Carefully Created by Professionals

All of Placeit’s mockups are created by skilled graphic designers and photographers to ensure the highest quality. Your print shop deserves to look amazing from day one!

Create Postcard Mockups Easily

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Choose a postcard template that you really like and start customizing it!

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Change the color of  the template and upload your own design.

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Once you are done you click on the “Download” button and voilà.

Our Library has Over Smart Templates

Over 7,000 Beautiful Templates

There are hundreds of postcard mockups you can choose from in all kinds of styles. But chances are, your print shop will need much more than just postcards. Placeit also lets you create amazing magazine mockupsbusiness card mockupsflyer mockups, art print mockups and much much more .
"I'm selling way more designs now that I use Placeit’s Postcard Mockups"
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