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Make Your Brand Recognizable with a Custom Logo

Making a logo for your business or brand is an absolute must if you want potential customers to know who you are and what your business stands for. In this guide we show you all there is to know about creating your own custom logo and taking your business to the next level using Placeit’s logo maker. Feel free to read the whole post in order or browse the different sections with the index below.



If you want your customers to take your company seriously, you need to have a professional image. A well designed logo shows you’re concerned with your company’s image and quality.

Social Media

To help potential and current customers find you in the social media noise, you need to be easily recognizable. A great custom logo will help you stand out and reach those customers.



Your customers will associate your logo with your products and services, making it easy for them to instantly recognize you. It also allows you to build trust with your audience as a familiar “face”.



A well thought out logo or badge design can signal what type of a product or service a customer can expect. Let your customers know what type of business you are.

“Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company”

– Saul Bass, branding expert

Placeit's Logo Creator Will Give You Pixel - Perfect Logos

Whether you’re starting a t-shirt design business, opening a restaurant or launching a brand of hand soaps, by using Placeit’s online logo maker, you can easily design a sleek and professional logo that will give your company the prestige and image it deserves.

No two companies are the same, that’s why Placeit has several types of custom logo templates and each one can give your company a different feel so feel free to try several out and find the one that best suits your brand. Below are some  examples of what you can create with just a few clicks.


The circle badge logo template is great for any logo that wants to display confidence and stability. 

This logo and badge template offers some fantastic frames that are incredibly versatile, the sky’s the limit!


A diamond badge logo shows dynamism and is brilliant for restaurants, sports brands or any other dynamic company.


The tried and true rectangle badge logo is perfect for a more subdued brand. One that shows confidence and restraint.

After you’ve designed your own logo, it’s time to show it off to the public. Remember, your logo is an incredibly powerful asset and will help your customers recognize your products so be sure to use it on signs, banners, brochures, your products and everything else relevant to your business.

Use your custom logo for a professional looking pop up banner. People don’t know your brand exists unless you show them!

Create awareness about your brand and your products with posters and signs. Your logo keeps working for you 24/7.

Let your customers know they’re dealing with a serious and competent company by proudly displaying your logo or custom badge design.

Give your promotional materials a refined and polished appearance with a custom logo. Your customers will be impressed!

Take your packaging to the next level by using your custom logo as a central part of the design.

Use your logo on presentation cards to remind your customers of your products and services when they need them.

Video has become an incredibly important part of every marketing and social media campaign. If you plan on making any sort video for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Twitter or on your website, you’re going to need a video version of your logo. But don’t worry! It’s super simple to get incredible results in just a few clicks with Placeit’s logo reveal videos.

What Can I Use a Logo Reveal Video For?


Intro / Outro for YouTube videos. Build your YouTube audience with a recognizable logo intro or outro.

Business presentations. Add professionalism to your presentations with a slick animated logo at the end.

Pitch videos. Make sure your audience remembers your brand by closing with a sleek animation of your professional logo.

Social media. Animated logo videos are perfect for social media branding. Using these videos as outros helps build a reputation with your followers.

Pointing Arrows Placeit Blue

Create a Brilliant Logo Quickly and Easily

It’s incredibly simple to design your own logo with Placeit’s custom logo maker. You simply select a template, type in your brand name, select an awesome design and its color, add a background if you like and presto, a professional, ready to use custom logo. Placeit’s online logo maker is unlike anything you’ve tried before. Its super simple interface means you don’t have to be a designer to create a fantastic logo design. if you can fill out a form, you can design a professional logo!

  • Top notch designs for every type of business

  • Loads of great fonts to choose from

  • No need to download anything, it works right in your browser

  • Super simple interface, nothing to drag around

 Let’s go through the steps, click on logo maker to open up the same template in a new window to follow along with the video tutorial.

Now you have a custom logo to make your brand stand out from the competition – without breaking the bank! Visit Placeit to and start promoting your business like the pros with the right marketing tools!

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