Personal Branding
for Real Estate Agents

Boosting Your Connections is Vital as a Real Estate Agent

Personal Branding, Your Personal Touch

Creating a brand for any business helps it stand out from others. Personal branding works to highlight the positive and professional aspects of realtors, real estate agencies, and brokers. Basically, personal branding helps you create a greater message and accomplish this through different marketing strategies. We have the perfect guideline and tools for you!

Real Estate Kit

There are 4 main steps you must take to be perceived as you want to:

  • Make your logo and a professional photo session of yourself.
  • Create your personal touch with your stationery and merchandising.
  • Make sales through your social networks with attractive social media images.
  • Make your own blog and promote yourself as an expert in a topic around real estate.

Make Your Logo According to Your Philosophy

Branding in Real Estate is very important. So you must start with your logo. Same colors and fonts will help your market identify and understand the concept around you. Think about your philosophy and your essence as a realtor or broker this will be your main message instead of choosing randomly. The best part of Placeit is that you can create it online with our logo maker and without using any additional software. There are 4 types of logo, choose the one that applies the best to your personality.

Signature. If you use signature style you are saying you’re the judge on any matter related to real estate. It’s endorsed by you.

Font Only. If you lean on this option you are also projecting the history of the font. Like a calligraphic style will make you remember white wigs and a classic France. Conservative people are comfortable with this solution.

Icon and Font. This is when you want to be remembered as a concept plus your personality. It can be a mascot or an object.

Merged Icon and Font. This is very practical, fonts and images interact together to create a smart message. If you love to amaze your market with hidden surprises, you should use this style.

Make a Realtor Business Card

Because cellphones’ battery sometimes die at the most important moment in meetings, having a business card with you is always handy. Especially when you meet new people that show interest in what you do. A trustworthy business card will have you prepared for any occasion. Making your realtor business card is super easy! You only need to add your information, select a background, your favorite font, and an icon. You can also use the final PNG as your e-mail signature. There are more than 10 different templates ready to use for real estate.

Make Your Clients Feel At Home with a Welcome Kit

Treat your clients like royalty. With our design templates create your own useful and creative merchandise according to your branding. You will be remembered for sure! Get inspired by these examples:

Mugs, Stylish T-Shirts, and Welcome Books Design your t-shirt with our t-shirt design templates. Find beautiful text or icons and create incredible designs. This same design can be used on your mug as well. Try out our mug mockups and place them in a nice environment. You can also create a book cover and give them a welcome guide with all the rules to the building and cool things they can find around the neighborhood.

Decorate Spaces With Welcome Posters

If you have an open house soon, create your yard signs announcing dates or make a special decoration to hang on the walls and give your possible buyers a feel of what their house could look like. If you already sold the property then you can give your clients their first decoration to hang on their wall. You can also create a welcome sign for the yard. A very lovely detail for their arrival.

The story of your product or service should unfold little by little through different posts and publications. Use Placeit’s online design templates to create all your graphic content.

Use These Tools for Your Storytelling

There are more than 4 billion internet users around the world. So many opportunities for real estate to catch those moving across the states or countries seeking for a trustful realtor or broker. That is why you need to be on social networks and start connecting. Some of your contacts could be already your clients and they can refer you to others. On the other hand, you’ll continue with business relationships offline, so you must have great printed designs as well. Create a great story and graphics through storytelling with Placeit. You’ll find our tools very useful!

What They Want

Call Your Market Through Clear Messages Mentioning Their Needs
With our mockups and design templates, you can create your flyers or posters in minutes and show the needs of your market in simple phrases through our templates.

What You Have

Create Perfect Images of Your Properties
Take pictures of important spots of your properties so people can imagine themselves there or fall in love with the spaces. With our social media image maker, you can add text and icons. Impactful messages will help you accomplish your goal: Sales, recommendations, announcements, etc.

How They’ll Look

Create Perfect Videos and Help Your Clients Dream! With Placeit you can create stop motion videos, video clips, and cinemagraphs. This is the way to go on social media. Videos are more attractive and people will see them for sure! Those visual experiences make them feel the lifestyle you have to offer and with which they could identify.

Make it Happen

Your Personal Touch in Real Estate
If you have a special sale or discount, make sure you let people know! Banners or coupons are great for your online strategy. You can also create flyers to give away in spots you know your market is. This will make them take that final step.

Build a Strong Brand and Close More Deals!

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