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How amazing would it be if we could just design a product and instantly have a prototype ready to promote it, right? Congratulations! You have just found the best marketing tool on the web:
Placeit’s easy-to-use mockup generator.
Mo-ckup gen-er-ator?
If this is the first time you’ve come across the term mockups, we’ll keep it simple. A mockup is a promotional visual asset used to display a product prototype in high-quality detail without having to actually make it.
In a nutshell: beautiful product imagery with less time and a whole lot less money!

Less Money + More Detail → Great Mockups

Save yourself a great deal of work with Placeit's photo templates designed to make your work stand out from the rest. That’s right, you could showcase your work in the most incredibly realistic scenarios on the same day you finish your design! Amazing don’t you think?
The key to a great marketing campaign are even greater visuals.
We assure you, you have never seen anything like this. No tricky downloads, no annoying software and the best of all, it’s FREE.
You can just go to Placeit, choose the category of your choice, be it Digital, Apparel or Print and start creating as many mockups as you want using a variety of different devices including iPhone mockups, T-Shirt mockups and Banner mockups. You could basically set up your whole seasonal campaign or your next client pitch, how useful is that?
Using Placeit for all your mockups is so easy it only takes 3 steps:
1. Choose a template from our library.
2. Drag-and-drop your design.
3. And Done! Your Photo Mockup is ready!

Over 4000 Mockups And New Mockups Added Daily

Take a look at a few of our different professional mockup templates, you can try any of them for free!
Our collection of mockups ranges in a variety of industries, devices and ethnicities fit for your brand. Almost any scenario you can think of, we have it! Plus everyday we are adding brand new mockups so be sure to check them out.
Find iPad mockups, MacBook Pro mockups, Book Mockups and Hoodie mockups. Sublimated mockups? Multi-device mockups? App demo videos?

Upgrade to Video for Your Promotion Strategy

If you thought our high-quality mockups were incredible, you have to try out our demo videos!
Placeit’s mockup generator not only has hundreds of photo mockup templates, we also have a great collection of app demo videos you can customize just as easy.
Take a look at the amazing app demo video from our Digital Mockups category, how great would your brand look in it?
Why limit yourself with photo mockups when you can have videos too? Using a demo video will definitely raise your conversion rates, plus with our mockup generator it’s practically no work.
You don’t need to worry about anything, our mockup generator doesn’t need any software downloads or plugins, all you need to do is upload your content or if you prefer record your screen, and that’s that! Amazing right?
"If a picture says a thousand words what impact could a video do?"

Learn How to Recognize a Quality Mockup

By now you may have already encountered dozens of free mockup templates across the web, maybe so many you don’t even know where to start. Scouting out the best ones takes a lot of time and effectiveness should be presented quickly, at least that’s the case at Placeit.
1. Context is Key
Having a realistic scenario supporting the functionality of your product is what may seal the deal in the end with your users. Letting them imagine themselves in the context helps us when we don't have the time to give a big speech about how great our product is. How can you know it's a great context? It feels natural to the eye.
2. Details Matter
In today's market, detail is the over all tiebreaker to decide between two products: where one product excels, another might lose. Paying attention to details in a photo will ultimately deliver a life-like sensation and win over your potential client.
3. Show How
There is no better way to explain a know-how than with a show how. Yes it's important to say how great the quality of our product is, but can we experience it? Showing our product in use will help us score points with our users by letting them know its full potential!
Now let’s put your knowledge to the test, take a look at these ordinary mockups found on various sites vs. Placeit’s professional mockups on the right...
x Generic template
x Outdated stock photo
x Generic template
✔ Photorealistic scenario
✔ New mockups uploaded daily
✔ Photorealistic scenario
Notice the difference?
With Placeit you can create mockups of every iPhone version available and the resulting images can be downloaded in high and super high definition. Mockups provide one of the most original ways to promote products. The wide variety of templates available at Placeit have been carefully thought for people who want to sell so they will be able to promote their apps in a way that relates with the particular group of consumers which their app, service, or product is aimed.
“50% of potential clients will make their mind up based on the first impression."

How Can I Use Mockups?

Short on ideas for your business? Use mockups to upgrade your presentations, website and advertising! Here are just some mockup use cases to get your ideas going:
Social Media
Use mockups in all your social media platforms to increase your user engagement. Your community of followers will notice the difference and relate to fresh visual content. Embrace the use of visual assets for your next social media campaign and boost your engagement in no time.
Client Pitch
You haven’t made your best client pitch until you’ve tried Placeit’s mockups. Besides being super quick and easy to use, our mockup templates will please the eye of your consumers instantly, they will love your product in these real-life scenarios!
Media And Product Images
Are you ready to launch a new product or seasonal campaign? Use Placeit’s photo templates to multiply your media efforts and captivate you consumers with incredible product images. It doesn’t get any more realistic (or cheaper) than this!

Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Mockups

With today’s growing competition captivating a specific audience proves more of a challenge than before. Consumers want brands they can relate to and using the same stock photos are not going to cut it. That’s why mockups are such cost-value assets that will bring amazing benefits to our business, these are just some of the advantages of using a mockup generator:
Higher Visual Impact
Making the switch to mockups is definitely something your potential consumers will notice, and that’s exactly the response you’re looking for. An ordinary mockup can’t give you the same feeling as a high-quality mockup would, photorealistic mockups stand out above the rest.
"67% of users are influenced by the product image quality."
Letting your clients experience the product with detailed mockups will help them make a better decision and lead to a purchase. When the image in front of a person doesn’t make them feel different it could easily pass unnoticed, whereas a realistic scenario could make a connection with them and influence their purchase.
Greater Cost-Value
We can’t stress this enough. If you have experienced the heavy process of production you know it’s a heck of a workload and sometimes you just can’t afford the time or money. Investing in mockups will save you this trouble and deliver the best visual assets!
If you are already spending time and money into developing your product you should consider the same attention into its promotion. No one said making a mockup had to be so difficult, that’s why you have Placeit’s mockup generator!

Are Mockups Right for Your Business?

Mockups can be used by pretty much everyone who wants to sell. They aren’t just for designers. As an illustrator, creative or a business owner you can showcase your work and products in an attractive way and you don’t even need the software skills, you have a mockup generator.
Using our mockup generator is a convenient way to show your products without making the effort of investing in production before knowing how much you will actually sell. With mockups you can show your customers the quality you can offer and guarantee your sales before even producing.
No matter the niche or size of your company there is no better cost-effective way to advertise than with photorealistic mockups.
So if by now you’re convinced mockups are your best option, keep in mind not just any mockup will give the best results. The way you present your work is just as important as the creative process. Investing in a mockup generator is by far a profitable business decision that will position your product in no time.

Placeit Empowers Creatives Everyday 👍

If you were wondering how to promote your app, Placeit is the solution. My sales have gone up since my Website and Social Media include Placeit images.

This is the best mockup generator available! Super easy to use and a wide variety of scenarios for my apparel campaigns.

My Email Marketing Click-Through-Rates have gone way up since I started using Placeit. Definitely an investment worth making.

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Got Questions?

How much does it cost?
Small images with a background are 100% FREE. Images with a transparent background and higher resolution images are only $8 each. You can also sign up for a subscription at $29/month reducing your cost to $3.20 per image.
Where can I use the images?
Our unlimited license allows you to share your images anywhere you like! The most common use cases would be in your social media or in your product page!
How many templates do you have?
We currently have 1,082 templates and we should have to up 1,500 by the end of the year!
What do I need to make a mockup?
You just need your design and a web browser!
How long does it take?
Usually 3 seconds.
What else do you offer?
We have more than 3000 Print and Digital mockups, we actually proclaimed ourselves as the mockup kings! All sorts of entrepreneurs use our designs. From iPhone and MacBook mockups to promote an app or website to mugs, flyers, posters and ebooks for branding purposes and amazing apparel mockups in all sorts of scenarios, models and garments. Placeit has the mockup you didn't know you were looking for. As you can see, mockups are our thing.
Who makes these?
We do! Our production team creates each and every one of our mockups and we have full rights to the images.
What if I can't find the mockup that I need?
If you are selling to a super specific niche and you can’t find in our gallery a template that works for you, please email us! Our team will make sure to point you in the right direcition or take your request in case we don't have the mockup you are looking for.
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