9 Branding Mistakes You’re Making with Your YouTube Channel Art

First impressions are important because that one glance new viewers are going to give your channel is your one and only opportunity to interest them! So let’s take a look at how to create a YouTube channel.

Create a New YouTube Channel

Give your channel more value by displaying custom YouTube channel art and other branding assets, so viewers stick around to watch a few more videos. Your channel’s valuables like your banner, your profile picture, and your thumbnails are essential, believe it or not, for creating that special “customer experience.”

Remember YouTube is not the same as your other social media channels. Followers are looking for a visual learning experience about your brand so don’t try to brand it the same way you do your Facebook or Instagram. Using this Channel Art Maker you can make your own YouTube channel like a pro and in no time!

1. Using a Generic
YouTube Banner

This is your “first glance” opportunity to show your viewers what your channel is about! Create a banner that shows off your personality and style and display your channel’s name on it! Your banner is also a great marketing tool you can use to promote useful links or seasonal information. You can try using Placeit’s YouTube Banner Maker with tons of cool YouTube banner templates to choose from.

2. Inconsistent Thumbnail Design for Your Videos

YouTube thumbnails are a major branding asset for your videos that trigger that click-view action! Make sure your videos end with a “watch more” option and make amazing thumbnails for all your videos so they look attractive for your viewers. Your designs will look amazing in the “suggested results” bar. Try this Thumbnail Maker for YouTube.

3. Not Having a Custom
Profile Picture

There is nothing more unprofessional than not having a proper profile picture for your channel. Ever looked for something on YouTube, found a great video but saw the channel’s name was something like Mr. Potato with no picture at all? You probably didn’t follow that particular channel. 

4. Not Giving Your New Followers a Channel Trailer

This is how you can greet your first-time viewers! Make a teaser video to introduce your channel, yourself, what content you upload, how often you upload content, and any other information that may be helpful to catch the attention of new visitors. With our  Video Maker it’s super easy to make a trailer for your channel! 

Play Video

If you’re wondering how to create a video for YouTube without too much trouble, Placeit is the perfect solution. You can find the perfect templates to create your video intro, outro, and even transitions that will make your videos stand out. Find all the resources you need with Placeit!

5. Yes, You Still Need a Logo Even When It Doesn’t Look Like It

Why? Because all of your videos should include a logo bumper to keep your brand consistent. What is a logo bumper? It’s that part of your video right at the beginning or a few seconds after it has started where your logo appears. Use your logo bumper for at least five to eight seconds. Also, use your logo when creating a YouTube logo intro for your videos. Logo intros are longer and display your logos with animations. 

6. Give Your Videos an Extra Punch with a Logo Intro

Keep your viewers interested with new animations. Using Placeit’s online Logo Intro Maker you can make your intro animations in just a few clicks. Making a logo intro is super easy, you choose your colors, graphics, text, add your logo and voilà! In no time you can download your high-quality video that is ready to share. 

7. Ignoring the End Screens

When one of your YouTube videos ends you have another opportunity to engage your audience and keep them on your channel. Your end screen will come up and play for 5 to 20 seconds depending on what you choose and you can add links to more of your content. Link to other videos, your channel’s main page, a playlist, or even an external website like your blog.

Of course, your end screen will have to be captivating in order to receive some clicks. To really nail this, check out Placeit’s many different options for creating an endslate. You can create still images with the YouTube End Card Maker or even design a video end card!

Youtube End Card Design Template For A Wellness Vlog

8. Not Taking Advantage of the Potential of YouTube Ads

YouTube video ads are the perfect way to get the word out about an event, product, or anything else you want to advertise. If you’re worried that you don’t know how to make an ad video, there’s really nothing to worry about. With Placeit’s YouTube video ad templates, this couldn’t be easier!

9. Not Announcing Your Upcoming Stream

If you use your YouTube primarily for streaming purposes, then you know just how important a starting soon screen is. This lets you viewers know that you’ll shortly be live so that they don’t stray too far from your channel in the meantime. To create an impressive video to keep your viewers interested, check out Placeit’s user-friendly starting soon templates. You can customize your own in just minutes, so there’s really no reason not to.

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