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Every sports team needs a logo. No matter if professional or amateur, baseball or football, players and fans should have an image to identify with, in the field and out of it. Placeit’s Sports Logo Maker has made it easy for anyone to get a professionally designed logo. Here you’ll find everything you need to make it real.

Create an Identity

Having a distinguishable logo can set a sports team apart in a competition. Not only your players will feature it on their uniforms, but also fans can have a badge of distinction on their clothes. Designing a logo that really fits with your team character might seem like a daunting task, but now you can choose and customize it yourself without the need of a designer. No matter your sport, we have a variety of logo styles to chose from. Just find a template that suits your team spirit and customize it to your taste:

aggressive animals logo sample
Aggressive Animals
print soccer jerseys loggers
Human Characters
cartoonish animals logo sample 1234
Cartoonish Animals
letter badge sports logo s
Letter Badges
esports logo sample 421
eSports Logos

Are You looking for something more directly related to your sport? Here is a set of sport specific logo templates you can customize for football, baseball, basketball and soccer:

baseball logo maker logo
football logo maker logo
basketball logo maker logo
soccer logo maker logo

And you can always look at our gallery to check for updates and new additions!

Why Use Placeit's Sports Logo Maker

Easy to Use Interface

  • Few coaches have the skills to design their own team logo. There is no need! Placeit’s interface is easy and intuitive; impossible to get lost!

Only Need Your Browser

  • All you need is your browser. Go to the page, customize the logo and download the file, or open it in your mail.

Professional Result

  • Our templates are carefully designed to look professional and high quality in any configuration.

Ready to Print

  • No waiting time. When you’re done, you get a high resolution file that you can send straight to the printer!

How It Works

Open Placeit in a new tab and follow the steps in this short video tutorial:

Or go straight into the Sports Logo Gallery and choose a logo template to work with!

Print It on Jerseys - Build Team Spirit

A logo will help create bonds between players and fans. Having it on the uniform will improve the team feel, make your players stand out in the field and looks great!

Custom Sports Logo for Promotion

Look Professional - Promote Your Team

Your logo will look perfect when applying for a sponsorship, reaching to new audiences or looking for more players. Our high resolution logos can be printed anywhere!

Sports Logo Maker for Online Profiles

Have a Recognizable Image - Use It Online

The same image can be used through social media, email signautres, or really anywhere in digital space. Make it easy for your audience to identify you!

Sports Logo on T-Shirt Merchandise

Raise Funds - Print on Merchandise

Need money to keep the ball going? Print your logo on any kind of merchandise and sell it to fund your team efforts.

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