Sell More Mugs with Incredible Mug Mockups

Creating and selling custom mugs has quickly become an excellent opportunity for people aspiring to start their own online business. Every seller out there is trying to find the perfect niche and then create great designs that cater to new customers, it can seem like a never ending quest! One quick and easy way to help you expand your offering and reach a wider audience is to use mug mockups to sell custom coffee mugs with your designs. With only a small amount of additional work and a little help from your friends at Placeit you can do so much for your customers! Read on to find out how to reach new customers and grow your business!

Why You Need Mug Mockups

Mug Mockup Vs Mug Mockup

Make Your Custom Mugs Look Irresistible

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time custom mug seller or you’ve been part of the industry ups and downs since the beginning, one thing never changes and that’s the constant and relentless competition. If you want to enter the game or stay in it, you need to have something that helps your mug designs stand out.

The simple fact is that no matter how good your coffee cup designs are, if the photos you use look like every other photo of a mug out there then there’s no way you’re going to build a brand or a reputation. The only way to stand out in a crowded market is to have your mugs look spectacular and professional with high resolution mug mockups and Placeit has those in spades. In just a few simple clicks, Placeit’s mug mockups will take your designs to the next level and beyond!

From Mug To Tshirt Mockup

Same Designs, Double the Value

Once you have some experience under your belt, you can easily transfer the same designs you used for your mugs to other lucrative items like t-shirts. While on the surface the two items may appear to be completely different, the fact is that they both serve as excellent canvases for your designs.

With very little effort you can take the same designs you created for your mugs and use them to create some fantastic t-shirts. In addition, Placeit has you covered with amazing mug mockups and fantastic t-shirt mockups so once you learn how to use Placeit to make your promotional images for your custom mugs, you already know how to make t-shirt mockups since the process is exactly the same, talk about a smooth learning curve! This way you can quickly transition from custom mugs to custom t-shirts once you feel ready and you don’t have to learn how to use any additional software or tools.

Coffe Template In Office

Good for People Who Might Not Want a T-Shirt

Some people just don’t appreciate t-shirts with designs and would rather have the same designs on something else like a coffee mug. They might not feel comfortable wearing your designs but they still want to purchase something that has them and mugs serve that purpose. One unintended side effect of this is that a coffee cup is an item your customers are likely to use on a daily basis while a t-shirt isn’t. This means potentially more exposure for your designs! Put another way, coffee cups are far more versatile and have a wider appeal than most t-shirt designs.You customers might not be able to wear your funny cat designs to work but they can sure use a mug with the same design.

Mug Mockups for Every Niche

Mug mockups are effective for every niche. Mugs share the same great versatility that t-shirts possess. They’re great as blank canvases that are just ready for your designs to be printed on them. In other words, they can work for any niche imaginable. Below are some examples of wildly diverse niches and examples of how mug mockups help the mugs look visually attractive, ranging from math humor to cute cat pictures, coffee mugs are fantastic for any niche imaginable.

How to Make Mug Mockups to Promote Your Designs

By now I hope it’s clear how useful coffee mugs are to help you get started in the world of online sales. Not only do they have a wide appeal but Placeit has some brilliant coffee cup mockups that are perfect for you to promote your designs and at the same time help you learn how to use the platform for when you’re ready to move on to other items like t-shirts. Simply watch the tutorial below and in no time you’ll be delighting customers with your custom mugs!

Who’s Going to Make and Ship My Custom Mugs?

If you don’t use a print-on-demand service or they don’t offer custom mugs, below is a link to a list of some of the providers we recommend you take a look at. Simply search for  “drinkware” to see all the companies that offer custom mug printing and shipping and choose whichever one you think has the better offer, create an account and upload your designs. There’s really no excuse not to offer your customers some fantastic mugs when it only takes a couple of minutes and the results are spectacular.

Taking the Next Step with Mug Mockups

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of online sales or a seasoned custom mug seller veteran, Placeit’s mug mockups are a great way to help you either get started promoting your designs or step up your marketing game with incredible visuals. These coffee cup mockups look stunning and can instantly give your designs a visual boost that will leave your customers looking frantically for a buy it now button. So what are you waiting for, either get started selling custom mugs or revamping your marketing materials today with Placeit’s amazing mug mockups !

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