How to Stand Out
With the Right Twitch Banners

Make a Twitch Profile Banner the Easy Way!

What's the Right Twitch Banner Size?

When creating your Twitch Banner , make sure it’s in the right size.
With Placeit’s Banner Makers your banner will always look just right. Everything happens right on your browser. No hassle.

1200 x 380 px

"Setting up your channel page is one of the most important aspects of being a broadcaster."


Endless Customization Options for Your Twitch Banners

There are hundreds of ways to customize your Twitch channel banner . Choose everything from your background, to your font and channel icon. Make it retro, badass, or techie, you decide.

Don't Have a Twitch Channel Logo Yet?

Placeit’s Gaming Logo Maker has many different templates for you to choose from. From angry animals, to cartoon characters, and gaming icons , there are many combinations possible for you to make the logo you’ve always wanted. Just choose an icon, a font and colors for both and you’re done! Best part? Everything happens right here in your browser.

Make an Intro for Your Channel

If you already have your logo and Twitch channel banner , make sure you bring your channel full circle by creating a video intro for your streams . There are many for you to choose from, just add your intro music and you’ll be ready to go!


Placeit has everything for you to brand your channel , create merch (channel t-shirts anyone?!) and create intros for you Twitch channel. Everything with only a few clicks. With our Unlimited Subscription you can get every image, t-shirt design and video you want for only $29 USD/month !

" Placeit is the best tool for my channel I could've stumbled upon! "
5 /5
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