70+ Medical Logo Designs for Your Practice

One of the biggest milestones in a doctor’s life is opening their own practice. That’s why creating a strong one, with a good reputation is key for its success. A strong practice is one where patients feel cared for and where trust is built on a daily basis. The right medical logo can help build a practice where patients can deposits their trust.

General Practice Logo Maker Icon

As a general practitioner , you’re one of the first lines of care for patients, as well as who provides preventive care and educates patients on how to best care for themselves. Your general practice logo should include elements of medicine but also of your personality and care style.

Dentist Logo Maker Icon

Whether you are an established dental surgeon or a dentist who’s just opening up your practice, having the right dental logo will attract the patients you want. Make sure you choose an icon that goes with the type of practice you have e.g. cartoon teeth work well for practices whose patients are children.

Pharmaceutical Logo Maker Icon

Whether you’re manufacturing pharmaceutical products or opening up a neighborhood pharmacy having the right logo can help you build loyalty. Create a pharmaceutical logo that people recognize and trust in minutes!

Chiropracter Logo Maker Icon

As a chiropractor, you have the important task of taking care of people’s backs. Your logo is the backbone of your branding and the public image of your practice. Make a chiropractic logo that people can put their trust in.

Psychologist Logo Maker Icon

For a well-balanced life, taking care of your mind is as important of taking care of the rest of your body. More and more people are deciding to go to psychologists to help them. Creating a psychologist logo for your practice can help you stand out and connect with patients who need you.

Pediatrician Logo Maker Icon

As a pediatrician you are tasked with caring for the youngest members of the family, it’s important to keep them in mind when creating a logo, as this can make the whole experience a little friendiler. Keep your pediatrician logo fun and friendly with the font and icon you choose.

Optometrist Logo Maker Icon

As an optometrist, you know that eyes are the windows to the soul, and they’re also the way we have to take in information every day, so taking care of them is a no-brainer. Luckily your practice is here to do just that. Let your patients know with the right optometrist logo .


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