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Choose From a Number of Gaming Team
Logo Designs

Placeit’s Gaming Logo Maker offers a number of different design templates for you to choose from.
Choose a template and play around with it until you’re happy with your logo. Once you find the perfect combination, simply click download and put  your new logo to use!

How to Make Your Gaming Team Logo

We know that making a gaming logo can be challenging, and even more so if you don’t have a design background, but with Placeit’s Gaming Logo Maker , it couldn’t be easier.

To make custom gaming logos simply follow these steps:

  1. Pick an icon to represent your team
  2. Pick an accent color, background color, and main color for your image
  3. Type in your team’s name and pick a set of fonts
  4. Download!

Just like that, your gaming team can be on its way to looking like a real competitor no matter what league you’re playing in.

Luchador Masters Tshirt Mockup

Put Your Gaming Team Logo
on a T-Shirt

Now that you have the perfect gaming uniform logo, why not take the next step and put it on an actual jersey? Use Placeit’s gaming t-shirt mockups to see how your team’s shirt would look with your fresh, new logo. What’s even better is that Placeit can help connect you with providers who can make custom jerseys for your team.

Make an Intro Video for Your Twitch Channel

Your team’s logo doesn’t have to be exclusively for your jerseys, if you’re a streamer or someone on your team regularly stream, why not make an intro animation for your Twitch channel!

Brand Your Channel with Twitch Banners

When branding your channel, your banner is one of the first things people will see. That’s why creating one in your style is super important. Make a banner with our Online Cover Maker .

Make Merch for Your Twitch Gaming Channel

Thanks to Placeit’s Gaming Logo Maker , making a custom logo for your team has never been easier. Brand your team with cool merch like tshirts, hoodies and stickers you can sell at events and online because buying graphic cards is only getting more and more expensive each day. You don’t even need any design programs to make it, and promoting it is as easy as using mockups !

Using a Gaming Logo Maker Has
Never Been Easier


Thanks to Placeit’s Gaming Logo Maker , making a custom logo for your team has never been easier. Placeit has everything for you to brand your team , create merch and create intros for you Twitch channel. Everything with only a few clicks. And now, with our Unlimited Subscription you can get every image, t-shirt design and video you want for only $29 USD/month !

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