Make a Baseball Logo for Your Team

Hit a home run with an amazing custom baseball logo for your team! Placeit’s baseball logo maker lets anyone create a professional baseball logo in seconds, no design skills required!

How to Make a Baseball Team Logo

We know that making a baseball logo may sound challenging, but with Placeit’s Baseball Logo Maker , it’s really easy, you won’t need any design experience or complicated and expensive design software. To make a custom baseball logo just follow these steps and your team will its new logo in no time!

  1. Pick an image that represents your mascot
  2. Pick an accent color, background color, and main color for your image
  3. Type in your team’s name
  4. Pick a font
  5. Choose an effect for the font

Tons of Amazing Baseball Team Logo Makers

Placeit’s Baseball Logo Maker offers a number of different design templates for you to choose from. Whether you have a animal as a mascot or a human character, you’ll find it all. You can play around with different templates, choosing different mascots, colors, fonts, and background colors as you please. Once you find the perfect combination, simply download your new logo and put it to use.

Put Your Baseball Team Logo on a Jersey

Now that you have a professional baseball uniform logo, why not take the next step and see how it looks on a jersey? Use Placeit’s baseball jersey maker to see your logo on uniforms worn by real players in real situations.
Once you’ve come up with the perfect baseball jersey design, have it made! Placeit can connect you with providers so you can get your custom jerseys printed.

You can use a baseball jersey design template and your logo to make a mockup of your team’s jersey. This can serve of proof of concept when showing it to players and sponsors alike.

Using Placeit’s Sports Logo Maker , design a custom baseball team logo no matter what league you play in.

Make Merchandise for Your Team Using the Baseball Logo Maker

Your team’s logo doesn’t have to be exclusively for your jerseys, you can also use it to make apparel supporting your team. Make t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and other items your supporters can wear. You can also sell these items to promote your team or to raise funds for your season. The possibilities are endless, but it all starts with you putting together your baseball logo.
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