The Best Summer Color Palettes to Inspire Your Next Design

Not sure what colors are best for your summer collection? We've rounded up some summer color palettes inspired by the different shades and elements of everyone's favorite season to put you on the right track!

Summer Templates Featuring Popular Summer Colors
Friendly Reminder: In the northern hemisphere, this wonderful season starts on June 21st and ends on September 22nd.

What Colors Are in the Summer Palette?

Not everyone may know it, but each season brings different “sub-seasons” or types of colors. Usually, when we think of summer, we imagine everything around is cheerful, vibrant, and warm. However, according to colorimetry, summer is, in reality, cool. Also, it includes a couple of sub-seasons: true summer, light summer, soft summer, and dark summer. All of them have different colors and shades. It’s worth mentioning that these colors focus more on people’s clothes or physical appearance. But either way, it’s a great thing to include in your POD product lines. Now it’s time to see these palettes in action! ☀️ P.S. All color palettes below include hex codes so you can copy and paste them anywhere!

Quick Beginner’s Guide: How to Use Hex Codes

First things first, the hex code is an alphanumeric code, usually composed of # followed by 6 elements. This code makes it easier to find an exact color. While there are the colors we all know, they, in turn, have different shades and intensities that create new colors. For example, if we think of green, there are light green, dark green, olive, lemon, and more varieties. It may seem complex now, but when it comes to design, the more colors we have, the better. Remember that each color means and represents something specific, which will help us differentiate ourselves from others and convey a particular message. The best part of using these types of codes is that they’re universal. This means that no matter what software or design program you're using, you’ll surely be able to use hex codes.

How to Add Hex Codes to Your Designs on Placeit

If you’re a newbie and don’t know how to incorporate a specific color into your designs, here are some quick steps to follow with our tool!
  1. 1. Log in to Placeit and browse our Summer Templates.
  2. 2. Select a template you want to edit. In this case, we’ll choose a t-shirt design.
  3. 3. Click on the template that is most appealing to you because we’re about to customize it.
  4. 4. Select the color element you want to modify. For example, the background color, the main graphic color, an accent color, or any other feature.
  5. 5. Once you select the object you want to modify, go to the tab that says “Custom.” There, you’ll see the hex code that is currently being used.
  6. 6. To modify it, just copy the hex code you want to use and paste it in or type it in the text box. And voila! You’ll have this new color in your template.
And that’s it. It’s that easy to give your favorite designs a new look with a new color!

30 Summer Color Palettes to Shine This Season

The color palettes you will see below aren’t only inspired by the classic summer landscapes and colorful elements -that seem to be taken from Animal Crossing. But also by different seasonal events and types of summer sub-seasons. So get ready to have fun and create a masterpiece with different summer color palettes. Then, you can sell your designs through various products like hats, t-shirts, tank and crop tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, and swimsuits.

Summer Color Palettes Inspired by the Season

Here are some examples that best represent summer to get in the mood. You’ll find a collection of items related to food, travel, and sunny days
Here are some examples that best represent summer to get in the mood. You’ll find a collection of items related to food, travel, and sunny days.
Summer Color Palette With Sunny Colors
#C1D4D9 | #99BFBB | #F2B84B | #F2D091 | #A63F03
Summer Color Palette Featuring Red and Orange Tones
#BF0426 | #F2B705 | #F29F05 | #F2913D | #BF4904
Summer Color Palette With Yellow and Orange Shades
#D9B504 | #F2D680 | #F2D49B | #F2E9D8 | #F2784B
Watermelon Inspired Summer Color Palette
#F20544 | #F2055C | #F20574 | #F2CCB6 | #F23005
Citrus Fruit Inspired Summer Color Palette
#C1D4D9 | #83A603 | #F29F05 | #F28705 | #F24B4B
Summer Color Palette Featuring Shades of Blue
#D7D7D9 | #7799A6 | #04ADBF | #2E3E40 | #04BFBF

Summer Wedding Colors

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the beautiful and joyful wedding season, which peaks between June and September, right in the summer months. Let’s take a look at some stunning colors that you can use for your big day!
Summer Color Palette With Dusty Wedding Colors
#DFE7F2 | #F2AE72 | #A69485 | #D98555 | #733620
Wedding Summer Color Palette With Dusty Blues
#3F688C | #728EA6 | #AAB7BF | #025159 | #F2C6A0
Summer Color Palette for Wedding Featuring Neutral Tones
#3D4025 | #D9CDA9 | #A69485 | #F2EAE4 | #8C5230
Summer Color Palette With Browns and Reds
#F2E9EC | #BF7B54 | #D9C4B8 | #734434 | #D94E4E
Wedding Summer Color Palette Featuring Green Tones
#364C59 | #3C4022 | #A69C68 | #D99D8F | #D9D0D0
Wedding Summer Color Palette With Soft Tones
#E9ECF2 | #C7CFD9 | #F2B84B | #A68A7B | #8C594D
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True Summer Palettes

This summer color palette is the classic/original scheme of the season. It’s usually characterized by light, soft, calm, and cool colors. However, it’s the one with the coolest and most fresh tones. Therefore, blue, pink, purple, and green colors are the colors to stand out.
True Summer Color Palette With Bright Pink Tones
#BF3459 | #F263B2 | #F2DCB3 | #F2C8C4 | #F2A7A7
Summer Color Palette Pinks and Greens
#F299A0 | #467302 | #D2D904 | #BFBD99 | #F2C1B6
True Summer Color Palette Featuring Bright Blues
#8FD1D9 | #C5D7D9 | #03A6A6 | #04BFAD | #F2C9C9
True Summer Color Palette Inspired by a Sunset
#027373 | #B0D9D5 | #F28705 | #F2A594 | #F26B6B

Light Summer Palettes

This may be the one that most resembles what comes to mind when we think of summer. It consists of delicate and colorful colors as it combines spring with summer. Therefore, this season is all about lightness, freshness, sweetness, brightness, and warmth. The colors that fall into this category are of medium saturation; this means colors aren’t too light nor too dark.
Light Summer Color Palette With Bright Greens and Pinks
#F280D4 | #DBC4F2 | #9ABF80 | #9ABF11 | #BF9B8E
Light Summer Color Palette With Aqua Tones
#9ACDD9 | #04C4D9 | #05F2F2 | #D9583B | #F2ECEB
Light Summer Color Palette Featuring Dusty Colors
#D9A3C6 | #D2D8D9 | #D9D0B4 | #D98E04 | #A67C49
Light Summer Color Palette Inspired by Clear Skies
#049DD9 | #04B2D9 | #05DBF2 | #734002 | #F2EADF
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Soft Summer Palettes

This color palette tends to have soft, calm colors, and integrates subdued tones. Sometimes it can look washed out and go against the general idea of vibrant colors. But that’s because this summer color palette is a mix between summer and fall, where muted but cool colors prevail. Some examples of this palette are blue-gray tones, lavenders, and dark pinks and blues.
Soft Summer Color Palette With Neutral Colors
#C5CCD9 | #7F8C4F | #D9D2C5 | #733C1D | #A6785D
Soft Summer Color Palette Inspired by a Pink Sunset
#F2A7B5 | #BDB0D9 | #8FA1D9 | #026873 | #01403A
Summer Color Palette Inspired by a Pool Day
#037F8C | #A0D3D9 | #03A6A6 | #BFA89B | #A6583C
Soft Summer Color Palette With Soft Green Colors
#D5C7D9 | #C7D9D2 | #9DBF7A | #A6BF8E | #A66038
Soft Summer Color Palette With Multiple Blue Colors
#BF0436 | #C7CDD9 | #89ABD9 | #169EF2 | #013A40
Soft Summer Color Palette Featuring Pink and Purple Shades
#D9A7C7 | #E9C9F2 | #C7B3F2 | #6958A6 | #9F8FD9

Last Words

After seeing all of these summer color palettes, we’d like to emphasize that there aren’t written rules when it comes to design. There are methods, theories, points of view, and even sources of inspiration, but at the end of the day, they’re just suggestions for you to consider. So, it’s time to get creative! Take a look at all the colors and choose your favorite ones to be used in a piece of art, in your next collection to sell online, or even to create a summer-inspired logo.

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