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Boost Those Followers with Rad Posts on Instagram

Whether you own a business and you want to pump your Instagram account, or if you’re an Instagram influencer for your favorite brands, this tool will be a life saver!

Create amazing posts for your business on Instagram with the easiest tool on the market. Choose from Placeit’s variety of templates and customize to create your post, video post, and/or your Insta Story.

There are template designs for special occasions, discounts, seasonal promotions, heavy image posts, all text posts, quotes, and much more!

By using the same or similar templates, you create cohesive, on-brand stories that align with your business concept. This means giving your brand a consistent look.

Your Instagram posts build a permanent look on you insta feed. So always think about branding your content because this is a social platform in which you can’t change the past! You’ll never be able to go back and get rid of an image you don’t like without breaking the grid arrangement you have.

Create Amazing Videos
& Engage!

Post attractive videos to catch the eye of your audience with fun animations. You can edit Placeit’s Instagram video template’s colors, fonts, images, you can upload your logo to post a logo animation, and much more!

It’s Time for Some Stories

You can create gorgeous Instagram Stories with just a few clicks.

An Insta Story is a temporary way to display something in your account. You can use some of the options Instagram has on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen like boomerangs, live video, masks and more! A simpler way to create branded stories is to upload a template video or image and after 24 hours you are done with it!

Even though they are temporary, Insta Stories are in fact very important for a business brand since nowadays customers tend to look more at stories than your actual posts.

Stories are great for all temporary information you want to deliver to your customers in order to keep them updated

Grow Your Brand
on Instagram

Create stand-out stories with Instagram templates that are completely foolproof! This tool is so easy, you can create your designs on the go!

Placeit is a great online design tool to create professional images for people who lack advanced software. Plus your designs will look amazing on both desktop and/or mobile!

To create stunning Instagram posts with Placeit, all you have to do is select the template options you like the most and customize them according to your brand. You won’t have to worry about dimensions, resolution, quality or even design composition, we already took care of that for you.

You can customize your fonts, content, color palette, and even upload your own logo, icons and images!

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"It’s super easy to design special posts for my insta account with Placeit 's social media maker "
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