5 Instagram Tools
to Grow Your Audience

What do all successful brands have in common? They have hacked their way into their follower’s heart using helpful tools to save time and money. You can definitely post high-quality content every single day to amaze your audience without being a designer! You are now asking yourself, but how? Well, it’s quite simple actually, when you have your little stash of Instagram apps, everything becomes easier! Fortunately, Placeit has everything you need to grow your Instagram account like a pro.

Let’s take a look:


Post Creator

Designing beautiful images to post will only take about 5 minutes or even less. With Placeit’s Instagram Post Creator all you need to do is choose a template to get started, customize it and type in your information, and voilá! This means you can post right away.
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Story Maker

Instagram Story Templates are a must have for every modern-day brand. Placeit’s Instagram Story Maker lets you spend more time sharing and less time designing!

Video Maker

Create a stunning promo videos to share on Instagram using Placeit’s Instagram Video Maker! This amazing tool allows you to create professional video to animate you offer in just a simple a few simple steps. Great, right? It’s time to grow your subscribers.

Instagram Story Video Maker

Animated Instagram stories are more impactful! Even though they are temporary, Instagram Stories are very important for a business brand. Creating memorable stories is a must to engage with a new audience because it makes a powerful experience. Try using this Instagram Story Video Maker!
Instagram Story Video Maker For A Trendy Instagram Story Ad 1036

Coupon Maker

If you are planning on creating coupon specific strategies, you can use this Coupon Maker to make your marketing process more efficient! Don’t waste time designing from scratch, use pre-made templates and enjoy your creations right away!

To Wrap It Up...

Instagram has become one of the most important marketing tools for all brands and businesses. With roughly 1 billion users, Instagram is today’s world-leading social platform. So no matter how big or small your brand is, get the right tools to boost your account like Placeit's beautiful designs and eye-catching posts to making an Insta site with Milkshake app to promote your brand and amaze everyone within reach! Start branding now!

"This tool literally saves me tons of hours on designs, I definitely recommend Placeit’s Instagram tools"
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