Instagram Post Creator

You can design your own Instagram posts in just a few clicks. Don’t waste time coming up with creative ideas or messing with apps. Placeit’s Instagram post creator makes it easy to create influencer level posts!

Instagram Post Templates

With so little time to catch someone's attention, designing beautiful images is key to having a strong brand on Instagram, this is why you will love Placeit’s Instagram post creator .

Hiring a designer can be pretty expensive and learning how to use Photoshop doesn’t happen overnight.  But with Placeit’s Instagram post makers all you need is to choose a template to get started. 

With these Instagram templates, you don’t even have to worry about figuring out the correct size for your Instagram images, Placeit lets you focus on building an Instagram following without wasting time coming up with creative post designs. And once you have that covered you can send them over to your Milkshake app site to keep promoting your products!

Why Do I Need an Instagram Post Creator?

Number 1

Spend Less Time Designing, More Time Sharing

Don’t waste time coming up with ideas for great Instagram posts! Let Placeit’s professional designers come up with awesome templates to you just have to fill in with your content and download.

Number 2

Templates Ready for You 24/7

Don’t depend on a designer for professional designs. Whenever you want to share something with your followers, Placeit’s vast library of Instagram templates is ready for you!

Number 3

Carefully Designed by Professionals

All of Placeit’s Instagram templates are created by skilled graphic designers to ensure the highest quality. Your Instagram account deserves to look amazing from day one, make sure all your posts are “like” and comment magnets!

Download Formats: WEB 72DPI, Print 300 DPI

Super Easy to Use

Endlessly Customizable

Choose an Instagram post template that you like from our library and get ready to customize! 

Google Ads And Facebook Ads

Customizing is really easy, all you have to do is type in your information, change colors, fonts, images, resize, and voilá!

Professionally Designed V4

When you are done, just click on the “download” button! You will receive a high-quality Instagram image ready to post. 

Our Library has Over Smart Templates

Over 7,000 Beautiful Templates

It’s as easy and quick as it gets. Create gorgeous images to share on your social media feeds straight from the browser and in seconds. Get more likes with this Instagram post creator! You can also design your Instagram stories, other social media images, promotional banners and more! Placeit’s design team is constantly creating new content based on the latest trends and platform updates so you can have fresh templates to use for your social media campaigns all the time!
"I'm saving lot's of hours with Placeit’s Instagram Post Creator"
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