Use iMac Mockups to Promote Your Website

Create professional images for your brand with Placeit’s iMac Mockups and share everywhere!

An iMac mockup can give your website context. There are many style of mockup templates from clear transparent to people scenarios.

Why Do I Need a Macbook Mockup?

You need to give your website the best chance possible of succeeding with brilliant marketing materials like iMac and Macbook mockups. You can’t just explain your website or webapp, your audience needs to see it to understand it. It doesn’t matter if your audience consists of end users, investors or other team members. People simply have a much easier time understanding ideas, especially new ones, if they can see what you mean with their own eyes. Just using a screenshot of your website or webapp isn’t going to cut it, you have to help your site stand out. Here a a couple of examples.

Each Macbook mockup is carefully designed to show off your website in context.
Show people using your website with a professional iMac mockup.

How to Make an iMac Mockup

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Placeit has a massive library of incredible iMac mockups ready to go. Pick the one that works best for you.

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Simply upload your screenshot or choose “From URL” and type in the address, Placeit does the rest!

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Once you’re satisfied with your iMac mockup, click on the “download” button and get your finished mockup!

Benefits of Using Placeit's
iMac Mockups

With iMac Mockups

✅ Show your website actually being used

✅ The final mockup makes your website or ad look professional

✅ You can make several mockups in just a couple of minutes

✅ You don’t need to hire a photographer or a designer


❌ Plain screenshots are boring and don’t provide context

❌ Photographs with a regular camera look unprofessional

❌ Using free templates or PSD files looks cheap

❌ Hiring a photographer can be expensive and time consuming

"Awesome product, love using Placeit’s iMac Mockups."
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