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Make Beautiful iOS Screenshots in Seconds with Our App Store Screenshot Generator!
With Apple’s stronger focus on imagery rather than text, iOS screenshots have become one of the key components of a successful ASO strategy. Why? Because potential users want to have a real insight on what the app looks like before committing to download.

App Store Screenshots Matter

Submit your app with a powerful set of screenshots to emphasize its key features with eye-catching visuals to engage with your customers. Uploading raw screenshots is not enough. Adding text, an iPhone mockup and basic design elements is a must.
Take this music app as an example:
Meeting the basic criteria, this app has two straight-out-of-the-app screenshots, nothing else.
Now here’s how these screenshots could be enhanced to transmit a whole new message to new users:
See the difference? Pretty amazing, huh?
Less than 2% of app store users actually open the full app description

Making Your Own App Store Screenshots

But creating and submitting screenshots for your app can be hard. Why? Because you need:
Most visual assets are created in Photoshop or Illustrator
Design Knowledge & Skills
How else are you going to go through these complex tools?
Last we checked, the Adobe suite was still not free. You want a designer to do it for you? That’ll cost.
Going down the DIY path? Expect to spend some time on it.

Creating an App Store Screenshot with Placeit

This is an amazingly easy process. Don't believe it? Have a look:
1. Pick a template & upload your image
2. Choose a background & add your copy
3. Download in 5.5"

Why Use Placeit's App Screenshot Generator?

All You Need is a Screenshot
Just give us an app screenshot, that's it.
Multiple Layouts
Showcase your app's best features with different angles and orientations
Background Options
Each template comes with lots of different themes, choose and customize one that matches your app
Text Fields
Pair your screenshot with an enticing heading and body, you can choose text alignment, font and color.
Your Screenshot is a 5.5" file
Skip the hassle of creating multiple versions of the same iOS screenshot, just drag and drop your files to iTunes Connect and check a box for resizing!
We are committed to making the process of creating app store screenshots a lot easier, and we succeeded at it! It's time for you to make the most out of your app by presenting it with compelling visuals that lead to downloads.
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