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The Importance of a Fitness Logo

Your fitness logo is the visual representation of what you brand is all about, it’s the first thing your gym members or customers will know about you, and it represents your values and focus. Making a logo that you identify with shouldn’t be hard, and with Placeit it isn’t!

Your Gym Logo Should Stand Out

The fitness industry has exploded in recent years, with more and more people wanting to be in shape. That’s why your fitness logo should stand out from the rest. Make a logo as memorable as your brand.

How to Make a Fitness Logo

Placeit’s Fitness Logo Maker was created to be as easy as possible, even if you don’t have a design background, creating a logo is as easy as choosing an icon, picking your brand colors and font, and downloading. You’ll have a logo you love in minutes!

Check out the video below and learn more about how to make your fitness logo , as well as  many other fitness products you can create with Placeit.

Promote Your Fitness Brand Like a Pro

There are many awesome ways to promote your fitness brand , two of the most handy are flyers and business cards. Think of business cards as something you should always carry with you in chances of meeting a potential client. Flyers can be used to let people know of a promotion you’re running or a special offer you have for them.

"Worldwide the fitness industry generates more than 80 billion U.S. dollars per year."


Promote Your Brand With Mockups

Another way to promote your fitness brand is to create merch with your logo on it.  Think of tshirts, duffel bags, water bottles and everything in between. Your brand spirit will never be higher.
Promote your designs the easy way using fitness mockups like the ones below!


Creating a strong fitness brand with Placeit is as easy as a few clicks. For only $29 USD/month you’ll get access to logo, flyer and ad makers, as well as t-shirt templates and many types of fitness mockups!

" Making a logo with Placeit was so easy! "
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