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Facebook is still the number one social network in the world, where millions of businesses, brands, influencers, content creators, users, and consumers meet to connect but also to sell and buy. So, to stand out in a community of 2.96 billion monthly active users, you'll need the best graphics to stand out. And for that, you have Placeit! You'll find everything from Facebook post templates to Facebook ads, covers, and story templates! It's time to create unlimited graphics to make every corner of your Facebook page look fantastic and super professional.
With Placeit, you can create the best designs for Facebook in no time and without learning sophisticated graphic design programs.

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Learn how to create stunning and professional graphics for your Facebook page with our amazing templates. Save time and money with Placeit!

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Placeit's online library contains 9,500+ different graphics for any occasion, business, and event. So, make use of our filters to get results that are more in line with what you're looking for. Filter by "mixed," "best selling," or "newest." Or even by keywords in the search bar or by looking at the tags column on the right side.

Rule the Advertising World With These Facebook Ad Templates

Nowadays, Facebook, more than a social network, is a great business center. Not for nothing, so many small, medium, and large advertisers create impressive marketing campaigns on Facebook to reach their target audience. So, if you also want to join, our Facebook ad templates are the tool you need to succeed in the online world. As you probably know, the fewer text images contained in ads, the better. So our creative team has prepared these graphics for you just to put a powerful call to action and change the photo. And voila, a top-notch ad in a matter of seconds.
Pro Tip: If you have a clothing line or sell merchandise, you should explore our Facebook ad templates that come with built-in mockups!
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Create an Eye-Popping Facebook Cover In a Flash

The cover photo is the second visual element we see when we log into a Facebook page or profile. Visitors may be delighted or scared away when they log in, but don't worry! To make a great first impression, Placeit has beautiful Facebook cover photo templates to hit the nail right on the head, whether you opt for a static option or venture into motion to turn all eyes on you. We recommend you constantly update your cover photo according to the season, your marketing goals, new campaigns, products, promotions, events, and giveaways.
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A Facebook post is a wild card that will always work, but, to get noticed, you'll have to leave behind the dull and lifeless posts and start using the different styles that our online library of graphics designed by creative professionals hosts. You'll find graphics that are ready to use and customized for every occasion. Just think of the theme, and we're sure to have it! From posts for New Year's, Valentine's Day, Summer, Super Bowl, or Cyber Monday! Plus, we have 3D graphics, flat, cartoonish, or simply in photo and video style! You choose what works best for your brand. Best of all, it takes only a few clicks and less than 5 minutes to create a top-notch Facebook template.
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Say More With a Facebook Story Template

Facebook stories are one of the coolest and easiest-to-consume formats out there. However, you should know that they go by very fast, and for that, you need super effective Facebook story templates with little text to capture the attention of your viewers. You can choose to include photos and videos. For both cases, Placeit has many templates for you to explore and play with until you leave them as you like but with the foundation of a great design. Browse our infinite number of fonts, colors, and graphics. And for Facebook story video templates, add an extra touch of fun by playing with your element’s speed, position, and alignment, and don’t forget to insert a cool music track. Did you know all our music tracks are royalty-free?
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Magnetic Facebook Templates at Your Fingertips

For non-designers, business owners, influencers, and creatives, it's now faster and easier than ever to create stunning and professional Facebook ads, covers, posts, and stories with our templates. No need to master or pay for sophisticated design software. With Placeit, you have the most incredible graphics on the internet to be a Facebook sensation. The good news is that with your Placeit subscription, you won't only have access to thousands of Facebook templates, but you can also make use of all the design templates, mockups, videos, logos, and even a specialized line for gamers. As you can see, all these benefits are at your fingertips and for a fraction of the cost.
Start designing what you want, when you want, from wherever you are and from your favorite device, and show yourself that you can also be a design guru when you have Placeit on your side.
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