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Create a Logo to Represent Your Team

If you’ve asked yourself how to start an esports team , your logo is a great place to begin the journey. A logo is a visual representation of what your team values, so that everyone rallies behind it and feels the team spirit. With Placeit’s Esports Logo Maker the cutomization posibilities are endless, from fantasy characters, to fun avatars and even retro logos.

Retro Gaming Esports Logo Maker

A retro logo maker might be just what you need for your esports team. This esports logo template has many retro designs and fonts that will let you create a logo with some of the most iconic graphics in gaming. Below are some examples.

Gamer Avatar Esports Logo Maker

Some esports team logos don’t really revolve around the game, but more the personality of the whole team. So if your team oozes personality, maybe an avatar logo maker is more the route for you. See some examples below.

Esport Logos With Fantasy Characters

If you’re creating an esports team logo a great place to start are the visual characteristics of your game of choice. If it gravitates more towards fantasy characters this esports logo maker might have what you’re looking for. Check out the logos below.

The Easiest Way to Make an Esports Team Logo

With Placeit’s Esports Logo Maker , creating a logo your whole team will love is as easy as choosing an icon, a font and colors for both. Don’t waste your time and money going the long route of hiring a designer, do it yourself with pro results!

Noun Swords 1838564

A logo for everyone to rally behind, to represent you, to fight for!

Whether you’re starting an esports organization , or you’re a seasoned manager, Placeit can help you out with thousands of assets for your team. With t-shirt templates (and mockups!), social media graphics and logo animations creating your esports brand is as easy as a few clicks and downloads. With Placeit’s Unlimited Subscription you’ll have everything you’ve always needed (and more!) for only $29 USD/month!

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