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Create Beautiful T-shirt Designs Within Seconds Using One Of Placeit’s Creative Templates.

How To Start Making T-Shirts Online

A customized t-shirt is a way to express individuality and stand out from the crowd. Whether it is that you have great ideas and want to run your own t-shirt business, have an important upcoming event, or own a project that needs the push of branding; you’ve come to the right place.

So, how can you start creating your own designs? With Placeit’s T-Shirt Design Templates, you don’t need any special software or skill. It’s super easy!

T-shirt Design Templates For Every Occasion

Choose from a number of templates fitted for different uses on Placeit’s shirt design maker . Everything is customizable , so go ahead and play with the text, font, colors, icons, and background. You can also create text-only designs! Once you’re in love with your creations, consider starting your own t-shirt business .

This template features tons of images that you can use however you like. You will mainly find adorable icons of animals, food, objects, and symbols; but fear not to use the image search box on the right side of the page . This template stands out for its collection of stylish italic, handwritten, and script fonts.

Find a ton of icons to love, like the ones seen in the previous examples, plus a few more realistic illustrations. This template places text at the top and bottom of the image. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always upload your own background image, which is especially helpful for companies and brands that have a logo.

Create minimal and great looking designs with this simple template . Tip: find inspiration in any topic, like a place, a mood, or a color; then, try and make various combinations of pictures and words that relate to it.

Important Event, Holiday Or Celebration

Design a shirt and surprise your relatives at your next family reunion – it’ll make an amazing pajama later. Some of Placeit’s t-shirt design templates are themed, which makes it even easier for you to create the neatest shirts. Yay for simplicity!


Want to let everyone know which company is the absolute coolest? Promotional articles such as t-shirts will boost morale within the workplace, while it’s a great and useful way to show off your brand. If you wish to preview your designs on a variety of apparel, check out Placeit’s Apparel Mockups.

Making a Custom T-Shirt Design Has Never Been Easier

You’ll find everything you need to start getting creative on Placeit . Once you’re done with your designs, wipe your imaginary sweat away and download a hi-res image with the perfect size for most online printing shops. Creating outstanding t-shirts is easier than you would’ve thought!

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