Man With Badge HolderBase Image
Man With Badge HolderStage Image
Man With Badge HolderForeground Image
Man With Badge HolderProcessed Image

Mockup of Man Carrying a Badge Holder at the Office

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Corporate identity is a deal breaker when it comes to business environments, it is very important to transmit the values and identity of the brand or company both internally and externally. By using this print mockup to display your own brand you will be reassuring it to both employees and potential clients or partners. Besides the benefits of using a badge to share your image, take a look at the whole image, we can see a professional businessman who suited up for the big meeting, we get a hint of a garden in the background, which perfectly merges with the business environment to create a fresh atmosphere that will definitely generate a positive impact on your branding. Try it out right away by simply dragging your image directly onto the badge holder mockup.

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