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Circular T-Shirt Design Template 338
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Circular T-Shirt Design Templatee

Dear User,

This “template” is meant for when you want to create something beautiful but don’t have the time or skills to do so. It’s mainly designed for t-shirts and posters but can also be used for social media, invites or more.

Our intention is to give you a template that is only confined by some basic compositional structure that automatically fix themselves as you write content. All the graphics and backgrounds are designed specifically for this template.

We explicitly did not want to recreate other design tools that give you lots of choices and control over every little decision. The market is full of those tools already.

We hope that you like our take on the problem.

This is the start of a long journey for us to help you design. Within the next few weeks, you’ll see more and more of these templates. We would love it if you could share your feedback with us.

Navid & the Placeit team
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