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Why Are Business Cards Necessary?

A business card is the first impression people have of your brand. Nowadays, most of the connections we make are digital, but there is still a genuineness in engaging with someone and handing them a physical card. Business cards are direct marketing tools, so keep in mind that they must be appealing and adequate for your industry. You’ll look prepared, professional and ready to do some real networking.

Make the right first impression with a memorable business card, start designing your own with Placeit’s online business card maker !

Business Card Templates for a Number of Niches

No two businesses are ever the same, for that reason, it is important to create a business card design that reflects the identity of your brand. Below you’ll find examples of cards with different styles for different niches.

Real Estate Business Cards

Think about a Real Estate business card as you would of an agent. It should portray energy and drive, seriousness, and a winning personality. Real Estate agents are known for having a strong business acumen, making it especially important for them to have a set of cards to prove so. Use colors such as black, white, brown, gray or purple, those are associated with values like reliability, strength, power, stability, sophistication, and practicality.

Customize the background image, text, icons, fonts, and colors of your realtor business card .

Once you’ve come up with the perfect business card, create a mockup to see how your design will look like when printed. Consider choosing a texturized material for your cards, as it will make them feel more luxurious.

Bakery Business Cards

People love your sweet treats, but you can’t count on word of mouth alone. Boost your pastry shop’s reputation with a traditional, yet effective marketing tool such as business cards. What is your specialty or signature? Keep that in mind when creating your design. Which colors represent your product the best? Think of pastels and neutrals. Some bakeries use their business cards as decoration when delivering a cake or product. This looks super cute when paired with rope or a card holder, be creative!

Lawyer Business Cards

Placeit’s Lawyer Business Card Maker offers a number of different icons and styles for you to choose from. As a lawyer, the one thing you ought to communicate is trust. Try to make your design as clear and clean as possible. Choose colors such a white for purity and golden for compassion and prosperity.

General Practice and Dental Business Cards

Whether you’re a doctor or a dentist , we’ve got you covered. Building an image your patients can love, trust, and recommend is very important. You want them to think of tranquility and cleanliness, so go for a solid and simple design. Making a custom business card has never been easier!

Creative & More!

Make a personal business card if you’re in the creative business . It’s always good to have a way to introduce yourself prior to having your contacts look at your portfolio. A business card is a first, tangible approximation to your work. Play with the creative template, you’ll find lots of icons for different types of personal promotion. Ready to take your design one step further? Create a video mockup like the one down below and use it on your professional profiles.

Do you own a beauty salon , a catering business , or a handyman business ? Find the right template to create your own business cards and get closer to potential customers!

It’s very likely that we’ll keep uploading templates, so make sure to keep checking Placeit to discover new designs for all sorts of niches.

✓ Explore the templates. They’re themed to make it easier for you to find the best fit for your business, but feel free to experiment with different styles to find what you like best. Maybe your perfect catering business card could be made with the creative template!

✓Remember that this is for you and your customers, so spend some time trying to come up with a design that represents your business. Try different colors, icons, and fonts until you find the right ones.

✓ Print your cards! Find a local print center, and if possible, see and touch for yourself the materials available for card printing. When ready, ask for a preview or print the minimum amount for testing. Also, set a budget to avoid not getting what you want. If you’re prioritizing volume, maybe a super expensive material for your cards won’t be the best choice, but do what works for you! Find your point of equilibrium.

Ready to Make a Professional Business Card?

Now you’ve learned what you can do with Placeit’s business card templates. No matter your niche or industry, you’ll find something to meet your needs. Go further and design beautiful photo and video mockups of your business cards for proof of concept before printing, or use them to make posts on your social media. Marketing is what makes people connect with your brand, but don’t worry about mastering it all, Placeit’s tools will make it incredibly easy for you to rock it.

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