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A Brand Is Much More Than a Logo

Creating a solid brand is one of the keys to a successful business. If you're opening a business or want to enhance your current one, you'll need to consider how you present yourself to your customers. Your brand should be reflected in everything you do, and every branding asset should be coherent and consistent with it. This builds a solid foundation for long-term success. But hey, this can be a simple task; Placeit brings together top-notch branding designs for you to see your brand shine.

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Explore our massive gallery of branding templates to hit the nail on the head. No matter what your brand is or what niche market you are in, there will always be a brand template available for you to customize. In a matter of seconds, choose your brand's colors, fonts, and taglines. Find tons of premium assets for restaurants, coffee shops, clothing lines, schools and universities, agencies, photography, sports, and cannabis businesses! Get ready to create a brand design that makes it irresistible to look at!

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Choose a suitable template for your brand by filtering through keywords, tags, or styles!

Pick a Template

Choose a suitable template for your brand by filtering through keywords, tags, or styles!

Crafted Designs by Professionals

Placeit's creative team puts all their talent and passion for design to create amazing graphics with the highest quality for you to use and adapt to your brand style in no time. Whether it's a logo, a design for a coffee cup, or a video to promote your business, rest assured that our branding templates are super easy to use. Best of all, you can design from anywhere, 24/7.

Endless Templates to Get the Look

Placeit is constantly innovating and creating branding designs for every business niche, season, or special event. So we 100% recommend using our filters found on the left hand of your screen. Try filtering by the newest branding templates and best sellers or even selecting "mixed" to see the best of both worlds. You can also filter by tags or keywords to get what you're really looking for.
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Start branding like a pro with our marketing design templates! You don't need to invest thousands of dollars to get a beautiful result that matches your brand. Nor spending hours deciphering advanced design programs. Now you can have a result made by professional artists and graphic designers in a matter of seconds thanks to your Placeit subscription. Download unlimited templates to make your life easier.
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To avoid spending on samples, why not use mockups? With our technology, you can visualize how your logo or a unique design made for your brand would look on any object! It looks so real you'd think it was taken from a real object or person -yes, people can model your logo and designs!-. Take a look at the ones you find most useful as a boss owner.
But that's not all; you can still keep creating more items for your business, from hoodies, hats, stickers, notebooks, food boxes to phone cases, envelopes, greeting cards, buttons, booklets, brand tags, stationery packs and so many more items! Our extensive collection of mockups includes over 43,000 templates available for you to explore!



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