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If you designed a cool cover for your book, show it off using an attractive book cover mockup!

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Use Book Mockups to Advertise Your Book

Get your book noticed with engaging promotional photos that your audience will love. If you don’t have the equipment to stage your own photoshoot or the budget to hire models, there’s really nothing to worry about. Placeit’s book cover mockups make it easy to create promotional images of your book without breaking the bank.

Book Cover Mockups for Every Audience

The best way to appeal to your target audience is by using a book cover mockup that reflects who your book is for. Whether you’ve just put the finishing touches on a children’s book, a recipe book, or any other type of book, Placeit has the right mockups for any genre.

Advertise a Children’s Book

Make a Mockup for a Recipe Book

Make a Book Advertisement

Promote a Book Series

How to Use a Book Mockup Generator

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Check out Placeit’s library of book cover mockups and choose one that reflects the look you’re going for.

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Customize the image by uploading your book cover design and positioning it just how you want it.
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If your image is ready, hit the download button to save your image and start sharing it.

Why Do I Need a Book Cover Mockup?

Number 1

Beautiful Images at a Fraction of the Cost

Don’t waste money on expensive photoshoots and retouching images. Use Placeit’s mockups for an easy and inexpensive way to create the promotional images you need to sell your book.
Number 2

Images That Appeal to Your Target Audience

If you want your book to sell, you’ll need promotional images that appeal to your book’s target audience. This is east to achieve with Placeit because our library of mockups includes diverse images that are perfect for whatever audience you’re after.
Number 3

Make Your Mockups When You Want Them

Don’t wait around for a photographer or a designer to pencil you into their schedule and instead take control of the product yourself. Placeit’s library of book mockups is available to you when and where you want it!

Download Formats: WEB 72DPI, Print 300 DPI

Over 312 Beautiful Book Mockups to Choose From

Promoting your book will be much easier with a tool like Placeit on your side. There are tons of book mockups to choose from, and our library of mockups is growing daily. You can even find book cover mockup videos to promote your book in a more engaging way. If you need help designing your book cover, Placeit has your back. On top of the mockups you’re familiar with, Placeit has tons of design templates that you can use to design anything from a book cover to a business card.
"Thanks to Placeit’s book mockup generator, I have all the promotional images I need!"
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