Make the Sweetest Bakery Logo

As a baker, you know taste is the most important goal of any bakery. Reflecting this through your brand will be super easy to accomplish thanks to Placeit’s Bakery Logo Maker. Creating your logo is very simple, and you’ll find all sorts of designs, from cute templates to vintage bakery logo styles. Best of all, you can do it all in your browser! With a few clicks, you can make as many logos as you want and download the one that suits your bakery the best. A plus is that a professional team of designers makes all our logos!

Tons of Logos According to Your Personal Taste

Does your bakery specialize in cookies, cakes, or muffins? No matter what your specialty is, we have all the logo templates you need with the perfect graphics! Pick from our cartoonish templates, vintage illustrations, and minimalist templates to create a playful or fine bakery identity. Check out these logos for inspiration:

Make Your Bakery Logo in 3 Steps

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Select Your Template

Select your favorite logo template according to your baking style or products.

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Customize Your Logo

Fill in your information, choose your color palette, and add a slogan if you want.

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Download Your Logo

When your bakery logo is ready, hit download and you’ll have a high-resolution file.

Create a Solid Brand with Our Design Templates

Your bakery logo is ready for use anywhere you need it, so why not use it for your shop opening? Create nice flyers and social media images for your opening campaign and create an online community. How? With a YouTube channel! Start by making your cover and thumbnail. What’s even better is that you can easily make all of this with Placeit!

Are You Looking for Other Business Logos?

If you are a business person and not necessarily in the food field, you can find different business logo templates at Placeit. From sports to services, medical to wellness, find the logo template you’re after. Our library is constantly growing, so each time you come back you’ll find new, stylish logos ready for use.

I just created my bakery logo with Placeit’s bakery logo maker. It was very easy."
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