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Writing Your Ebook Is Only the Beginning

You’ve just finished writing the next bestseller and you’re sure it’s going to sell like crazy, or is it?
Unless you’re able to captivate potential customers in a matter of seconds, you’re going to run into a wall, an attention wall. People’s attention spans are relatively short so if you want your ebook to stand out and make the person stop doing what they’re doing and pay attention you’re going to need some help. Use Placeit’s book cover maker to stop potential customers as they’re browsing social media and give them no choice but to pay attention with an amazing ebook cover and brilliant social media ads.

Show, Don't Tell

It’s far too easy to slap any old cover on a book and call it a day, or worse not use any cover. After all, your audience will surely love everything you publish, right? Unfortunately in this day and age, people will literally judge your book by its’ cover . They only have a couple of seconds at most to decide whether or not they’re interested in your eBook. Luckily for you, Placeit’s book cover maker is capable of creating some amazing ebook cover designs in just a few clicks.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how not to promote your ebook online, and what we can do with Placeit’s book cover maker and eBook Facebook ad mockups to turn a disaster into sales.

x Without an Ebook Cover

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✔ With a Book Cover Maker

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x Without a Good Ebook Cover

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✔ With an Amazing Ebook Cover Maker

Which Ad Would You Click On?

It’s pretty obvious at a glance which ad looks more professional and has a better chance of catching the audience’s attention. Not only do the Facebook ads that use ebook covers look great but they help the post stand out and make potential readers stop and take notice. Great you say, but that’s going to be really expensive or take a long time. Not so fast, below I show you how incredibly easy it is to get these exact results using Placeit’s book cover maker and ebook Facebook ad mockups.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to jump right in and try your hand at making a book cover using the book cover maker, click the big blue button, otherwise continue reading as I show you step by step how to make your own.

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Design Your Own Book Cover

Follow these simple steps to create your own professional book cover. Once you understand where all the options are for the book maker templates, you’ll see how incredibly easy it is to create a book cover. Feel free to open the same template in a new window and follow along using the same template by clicking on book cover maker .

1. Select book cover from design templates button

2. Pick the template that best suits your needs


3. Edit text, its font and color for each line of text

4. Choose the frame for the text and its color

5. Choose the background color and image or upload your own image


6. Choose the dimensions you need and download it

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Promote Your Ebook on Social Media

Great, so now that you have seen how to use the book cover maker and have made one yourself, the next step is to get your book in front of people on social media. Remember, you want to avoid simply posting your book cover in a Facebook post or a tweet, we can do so much better than that! To really squeeze the value out of our beautiful ebook cover we have to create an equally good ebook Facebook ad.

Fortunately Placeit has our back once more with a broad selection of pixel perfect ebook Facebook ads. Below are some fantastic examples to inspire you and get you started. You can click on them go to that Facebook ad template .

Brilliant Book Mockups That Draw You In

Context That Makes Your Ads Pop

Clean and Professional Visuals That Sell

Make Your Ebook Jump off the Screen

What are you waiting for? Blow your audience away with a brilliant Facebook ebook ad

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Facebook Ads for Authors - the Definitive Guide

Facebook ads for authors the definitive guide

Brilliant, now that you have a professional ebook cover design and an amazing Facebook ad to showcase your cover you’re going to want to use it in an ad campaign on a social media platform like Facebook.  Not to worry, we have a step-by-step guide to promoting ebooks using facebook ads that will take the guesswork out of running effective ads on Facebook

The guide shows you how to:

  • Use the Facebook ads manager
  • Create and ad account
  • Pick your audience to target specific people
  • Place your ads effectively
  • Pick the right ad format
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Create Book Mockups Perfect for Printing

If you plan to take your sales anywhere besides social media you’ll definitely need some high resolution book mockups. These are perfect for creating print ads, banners, brochures, billboards and any other print materials you want to use to promote your ebook.

Here are some examples of what you can do when you combine Placeit’s book cover designer and book mockups.

Click on the examples to go directly to that book mockup.

Use a High Resolution Pixel Perfect Book Mockup and Use It on a Banner

Get the Most out of Your Ebook Cover Design and Use It for a Billboard

Intrigue and Tantalize Your Audience with a Poster Ad of Your Ebook Title

Jump start your online promotion with a fantastic book mockup!

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Supercharge Your Ebook Ads with Video

If you’re ready to take your ebook promotion to the next level then you’re ready to use video ads. The competition is always trying to stay ahead of the curve and a major part of that is video. With most social media platforms focusing on being video first platforms, you’re going to need some help. Don’t sweat it, Placeit is your friend with a selection of ebook video ads that are just as easy to use as its book cover maker and its book mockups.

Take a look at these fantastic ebook video ads and imagine your audience trying to look away, it’s just not going to happen. These videos ads will be your secret weapon when you’re promoting your ebook. Click on a title to go directly to that video mockup.

Engage your audience with an amazing ebook video mockup!

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Marketing Tips & Tactics for Self-Publishers


Great, now that you have a brilliant book cover to attract new readers, an amazing book mockup to show off your book and have started putting together your social media campaign to reach the top of the charts, we put together a list of 20 great tips & tricks to get you up to speed and selling your ebooks left and right.

The list includes tips on how to:

  • Get Media Coverage for Your Book
  • Talk to Top Book Reviewers
  • Co-Promotion Marketing
  • Much much more…
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Now that you've seen just how easy it is to promote your ebook online and off with a little help from your friends at Placeit, don't be afraid to jump in and take the first step. Your audience is waiting!

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