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Are you looking to promote your apparel store with incredible pictures of your POD designs? With Placeit’s apparel mockup generator you will attract new customers with professional imagery with just a few clicks. Start putting your designs on realistic photos to help your potential customers see what your products look like. Placeit’s clothes mockups feature beautiful shots and a wide variety of models and environments. If you use it wisely, you could make your audience feel identified with your design and feel a desire to buy it. With an apparel mockup, you can target different audiences with different model types. Check out Placeit and find all kinds of people to wear your designs: different genders, nationalities, ages, body types, and more. Take a look at our free clothing mockups and merch mockups such as aprons, bandanas, beanies, button-up shirts, dresses, hats, hoodies, jackets, onesies, panties, skirts, polo shirts, scarfs, jerseys, leggings, long-sleeve tees, sports bras, socks, sweatshirts, sweatpants, swimsuits, tank tops, t-shirts, coffee mugs, boxers, tote bags, grocery bags, and more. If you want to start using mockups, just follow these easy steps: Choose the mockup style that suits you: device, apparel mockup, art print, and more. Add your design, app, websites, and more. Just drag and drop your design from your desktop or choose it from your files. Adjust and download. The downloaded file will be a high-quality PNG file that will look amazing, either digital or on print. Avoid the extra work and start making a merchandise mockup in a second with Placeit. Remember that when selling POD products, the use use of real professional photos can make the difference between selling a bunch of products or nothing at all. No matter what’s your business, mockups can be a powerful tool to help you post incredible content in seconds and save lots of work without being an expert on editing or photography. Try now our apparel mockup generator and start uploading your designs!