Get More App Downloads With App Promo Videos

Use Video to Showcase Your App's Best Features and
Encourage Users to Download Your App
If you’re not using videos to market your app, you’re missing out on a huge market opportunity. According to Statista’s 2017 research, now both the App Store and Google Play have about 2 million apps each. App Video Marketing will get you ahead of the competition.

Move to a Mobile-First Video Advertising Strategy

Where are consumers spending their time? On Social Media.
Why are they spending their time there? To connect.
When you should be approaching consumers? While they are it.
What should you be showing to them? App Promo Videos.
Consumers spend most of their time on mobile on Entertainment and Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. While they connect and get entertained you should be reaching out to them with eye-catching video content that is impossible to miss. This way, they are just one tap away from landing to your app’s page in the App Store.
Use Placeit's App Promo Videos to Advertise On:

Video Content is King

What’s great about using video in your content marketing strategy is that you don’t even have to be a video expert of any kind. Platforms like Placeit help you to create highly sophisticated app promo videos that will convince Apple and Android users to download your app.

Show your app’s features, usability and uniqueness by sharing your app promo video on Social Media, on your website's header area, on ads or on blog posts to get users excited to try your app out.

Get the Word Out with App Promo Videos

Placeit videos are meant to be used by app and game developers, marketing directors, and entrepreneurs that want to improve an app’s performance in the App Store.

Since App Promo Videos have context and a narrative, these help you present your app to the world, increasing its chances of success.
Facts about video:
✓ More rememberable
✓ Boosts credibility
✓ Video content generates ¾ of all internet traffic
✓ Consumers appreciate and enjoy content in video form
✓ Videos encourage user engagement
Add voice-over and subtitles for an increased effectiveness!

What Does It Take to Make App Promo Videos Without Placeit?

Creating app promo videos from scratch requires a time and money investment, especially if you are going for a professional asset that represents your brand.
You would need:
• Hiring an actor
• Purchasing or renting expensive video equipment
• Rental of a studio or location
• Editing tools and software
• Photo and post production knowledge

Save Time and Money and Use Placeit's
+395 Instant App Promo Videos Instead!

Placeit's app promo videos are instantly made, no need to hire anyone or wait a week, a month for a creative agency. Using these promo video templates make it easy for you to promote your app with enticing visuals. Talk about effectiveness and affordability!
✓ Upload A Video
MP4 Video of Less Than 60 Secs
✓ Record Your Screen
Using Recordit Integration
✓ Add Natural Hand Gestures
Your Clicks and Scrolls Will Be Turned into Taps and Swipes
✓ Add Music & Subtitles
Export Directly to Youtube and Access Thousands of Free Tunes

Make Your App Shine with Professional Promo Videos

With +395 App Promo Video templates to choose from you will be able to entice customers to purchase and download your app. Be agile, spend less and make more with Placeit!

Get a video subscription and create as many App Promo Videos as you need for your app. It's time for you to make the most out of your app by presenting it with compelling videos that lead to downloads.
Remember: Videos let consumers make better informed decisions about the apps they purchase. Get tangible results, grow your app’s user base, and educate your customers from one shot.
Ready to Boost Your App Downloads?