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Create App Demo Videos in Seconds

1. Choose a template from our library.
2. Drag-and-drop your design.
3. All Done! Download Your App Demo Video!
"92% of consumers say visuals are the top influencing factor affecting a purchase decision."

Video Enhances Your Communication Strategy

App demo videos allow consumers to make better informed decisions about the products or services that they purchase. App users have become increasingly skeptical when buying apps in the app store due to the high quantity of apps available that provide almost the same benefits. Unsurprisingly, apps that include app demo videos perform up to 4x better than apps that don't have a demo video preview.
Demo videos are a great way to engage potential customers and show them your app’s unique value proposal. Go to Placeit and choose the demo video template that works best for you!
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Show With Videos, Don’t Tell

Give users the quick walk-through they need to understand what they can accomplish with your app or website. iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac apps are better promoted with Placeit's modern app demo videos which are designed to resonate with your target audience.
Get users familiarized with your new app in seconds! Quickly demonstrate the top features of your app and show that it effectively solves a common problem. Placeit is all you need to create a compelling demo video that will increase your app's performance in the app store.
Videos are way more convincing than text or images. Right now we have more than 340 carefully made app and website demo video templates for you to choose from. Get your point across and show in a few seconds how your app empowers users. Capture users attention with a demo video and get more app downloads in less time and spending considerably less money!
"Use professional looking videos and images to improve your branding strategy and boost sales!"

Increase Revenue With Demo Videos

App Demo Videos are used to promote all kinds of websites and apps. Models in the videos are deeply engaged with their smartphones and are showing positive emotions which helps to connect emotionally to the viewers. Add a video to your landing page's background or upload it to Youtube and embed it in your website to entertain your users in a dynamic way.
Create an app demo video featuring a business man with a personal computer, a young adult with her phone on the street, a young woman waiting for food at a restaurant table, a hipster man looking at his phone while leaning on a wall, you name it! Choose the video template that best resonates with your audience and create a video in seconds and in high definition.
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Boost Downloads With App Demo Videos

Top downloaded apps include persuasive app demo videos that overcome buyer hesitation and lead to conversion. Record your screen or upload a video (up to 1 minute) and place it inside the screen of the device you want in your video. We will be converting your clicks to real hand gestures! Forget about needing a high budget to spend creating stunning videos that can be shared everywhere and add value to your unique proposition.

The Simple Secret To More Sales

Media consumption per capita has multiplied in the last years. The internet is now accessible from almost every corner of the world and low-cost smartphones have flooded the market. No wonder why Youtube and Facebook Videos have grown exponentially through the last years.
What's their secret? VARIETY, CONSTANT VARIETY. With Placeit's Unlimited Video Plan you can now create as many high definition app demo videos as you want to! Get your creative juices flowing, join several videos into one, add voice-over, and create an amazing video featuring several users engaged with your app. You can also boost your social media strategy by sharing as many app demo videos as you want and show your users absolutely everything they can do with your app. Everyone shares images, it is your time to stand out from the rest and start sharing videos.
Make great videos easily with Placeit.

Placeit Empowers Devs & Entrepreneurs Everyday

My new app is having great success since I improved my App's Screenshots in the App Store with Placeit images.

One of the marketing tools that I use the most is Placeit. I love their new video feature it is so easy to use!

My business Email Campaigns now include Placeit's images and they work. I was missing out this terrific mockup generator tool!

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Got Questions?

How much does it cost?
Images with a transparent background and high resolution images are only $8 each. You can also sign up for a subscription at $29/month reducing your cost to $3.20 per image.
Where can I use the images?
Our unlimited license allows you to share your images anywhere you like! The most common use cases would be in your social media or in your product page!
How many templates do you have?
We currently have 1,082 templates and we should have to up 1,500 by the end of the year!
What do I need to make a mockup?
You just need your design and a web browser!
How long does it take?
Usually 3 seconds.
What else do you offer?
We have more than 3000 Print and Digital mockups, we actually proclaimed ourselves as the mockup kings! All sorts of entrepreneurs use our designs. From iPhone and MacBook mockups to promote an app or website to mugs, flyers, posters and ebooks for branding purposes and amazing apparel mockups in all sorts of scenarios, models and garments. Placeit has the mockup you didn't know you were looking for. As you can see, mockups are our thing.
Who makes these?
We do! Our production team creates each and every one of our mockups and we have full rights to the images.
What if I can't find the mockup that I need?
If you are selling to a super specific niche and you can’t find in our gallery a template that works for you, please email us! Our team will make sure to point you in the right direcition or take your request in case we don't have the mockup you are looking for.
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"92% of consumers say visuals are the top influencing factor affecting a purchase decision."